Berries and greeneries trail


Food route

Berries and greeneries trail


Number of stops: 3

Lenght: 160 km


Moe Gard – Heggerud Gard:  59 km

Heggerud Gard – Aukrust gard & urteri: 101 km




Berries, herbs, and vegetables produced in Gudbrandsdalen

Gudbrandsdalen’s rich and fertile land is abound with crops and orchards. Potatoes, carrots, cabbage etc. from numerous local producers are available for purchase in selected shops, and can be ordered via Gudbrandsdalsmat. Along the trail are producers with their own outlets. Moe farm in Øyer specialises in sweet and delicious raspberries used for juices and jam. Heggerud Gard offers sale of vegetables fresh from the field from mid-July. With a soil and climate ideal for flowers and herbs, Aukrust Gard & Urteri  in Lom offers hundreds of different varieties.  

Other local fruit and berry suppliers include Den lille tytingfabrikken offering blueberry, lingonberry, cloudberry and rhubarb jam, and Per Otto Kaurstad selling strawberries and strawberry juice.



Bringebær fra Moe

Heggerud Gard

Aukrust gard & urteri