About Food Trails Gudbrandsdalen

Local food and drink experiences are integral to our cultural heritage. Exotic, traditional, unique, and exciting – all at the same time!

In Gudbrandsdalen, visitors are served artisan cuisine – prepared from the heart through generations. Flavours are authentic and pure. The fresh air and clean water leave a taste reminiscent of the mountains.

Sustainable production is important and comes naturally to us, the way it has for generations. Matrute Gudbrandsdal is a network of restaurants committed to safeguarding the cultural identity of food. Local food production is crucial in preserving our cultural heritage, and creates value in the region.

Matrute Gudbrandsdal

Requirements for Food Trails Gudbrandsdal companies:

  • The restaurant has at least two dishes on the menu where the main ingredient is produced in the region, and offers at least one local signature dish from the region.
  • The restaurant has at least three locally produced drinks on the menu (e.g. beer, cider, juice, aquavit).
  • The restaurant has as its target to use min. 20% local produce from food producers/suppliers in Gudbrandsdalen.
  • The origin of local products/ingredients is made visible on the menu or buffet.
  • The restaurant communicates the local affiliation and history of the ingredient.
  • The restaurant is committed to raising the level of history dissemination skills, product knowledge, etc. among its employees.
  • The restaurant has set opening hours (throughout the year or during the season).
  • The restaurant has been awarded a smiling face under the Norwegian Food Safety Authority’s Smiley system.