A journey in…

Rural ambience


From Vinstra

to Billingen

through Ottadalen


Along the route:

    Foto av servering på Annen Etage i Vågå

    Follow Gudbrandsdalsvegen/E6 to Otta, and then take route 15 up through the Ottadalen valley towards Vågå and Lom. In the idyllic village of Vågå, we recommend a stop at the welcoming Andre Etasje where a commitment to reuse and recycling has created a homely charm. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, and serves authentic home-cooked food. Vågå is also home to Visit Vågå, a small café where you can buy the local Vågåis ice cream.

    Unique mountain farm experience, award-winning cheese, beer tasting, and herb garden in Lom

    Visit Brimi Sæter in summer, and you get to experience a mountain dairy farm in full operation. To get there, turn off halfway between Vågå and Lom (route 51) and then take the road to Brimiland. Brimi Sæter is renowned for its award-winning farm cheese, sour cream and butter, and also offers a selection of meat products. At the farm you can see how the farm cheese is made, experience animals on their summer pasture, enjoy a good meal in the café, and stay the night if you wish. In the evening you can order the 4-course “Skråpå-tå” where cheese is melted on table-top grills and served with meats from own livestock.

    The journey continues to Lom where you can visit Lom Bryggeri, Aukrust Gard & Urteri, or the local food store Smak i Lom. Lom Bryggeri is a brewery located at Grjotheim farm in Lia in Lom, and has a brewery outlet, a brewery pub, and a farm-food outlet. Beer tasting and guided tours can be booked for groups of min. 4 people.

    Aukrust Gard og Urteri has its own farm shop with the country’s largest selection of organic tea and seasoning, cured sausages from own livestock, and the season’s vegetables. The café is open daily during the summer season, and on the menu are dishes based on the farm’s own herbs and vegetables.

    Farm eggs and proud food traditions in Skjåk

    From Lom, continue on route 15 towards Strynefjellet. Head towards Skjåk for a few kilometres, you will reach Gudbrandsdalsegg. Stay the night at Norigard Ramstad and visit the old-fashioned country store and café “Ramstadbue”. Enjoy the farm’s own eggs for breakfast, and try the delicious Gudbrandsdalskaku (cake) made from eggs with slightly damaged shells to ensure that not a single yolk is wasted.

    Continue through Skjåk until Billingen Seterpensjonat comes into view by the foot of Reinheimen National Park. Located on the banks of the cascading river Tora, this mountain lodge and café is like an escape into an enchanted world. At Billingen Seterpensjonat you can enjoy a meal and buy locally produced food from Stensgård farm or other Gudbrandsdalsmat producers. Game from the local area is always on the menu. Accommodation is available in charming rooms on the first floor.

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