Aukrust Gard & Urteri

Ecological herbs and vegetables

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Aukrust Gard & Urteri

Nordgard Aukrust, 2686 Lom, Norge

+47 612 11 215

Aukrust Gard & Urteri enjoys a sunny location by the foot of Lomseggen, surrounded by Northern Europe’s highest mountains and agricultural land with a climate ideal for flowers and herbs. This is where you find the farm Nordgard Aukrust with its sun-beaten log buildings and extensive herb production.

In the farm shop is the country’s largest selection of organic tea and seasoning, cured sausages from own livestock, and the season’s vegetables. We grow the most common vegetable varieties such as carrot, swede, potato, beetroot, cabbage, etc. as well as greenhouse products such as tomatoes and fresh basil. In the farmhouse by the herb-garden, visitors can enjoy exhibitions, concerts, and catering.

Aukrust Gard has practised certified organic farming since 1986. The operation is biodynamic with Demeter certification, which is the strictest of all organic brands. Aukrust Gard & Urteri produces some 200 different herb species, and these are in use at many of the restaurants in Gudbrandsdalen.

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Aukrust Gard & Urteri