Meat on the menu

PHoto: ansgar valbø


Meat on the menu

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Meat on the menu

PHoto: ansgar valbø


Meat on the menu

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Food trail

Meat on the menu

Number of stops: 6

Lenght: 372 km (the hole trail)


Hafjell Slakteri – Annis Pølsemakeri: 40 km

Annis Pølsemakeri – Skåbu Fjellhotell:  51 km

Skåbu Fjellhotell – Brimi Sæter: 68 km

Brimi Sæter – Billingen Seterpensjonat : 79 km

Billingen Seterpensjonat – Dovrelam: 134 km




Looking for a culinary experience out of the ordinary? Gudbrandsdalen offers a wide choice of excellent restaurants embracing local ingredients and history, set in beautiful surroundings!

Hafjell Slakteri sells local meats from Øyer as well as homemade sausages, burgers, fricadellen, and more. Annis Pølsemakeri in the village of Ringebu offers delicious sausages and meat products in a range of exciting flavours, and at Annis Spisested next door you can enjoy an exquisite meal based on Anni’s products.

Skåbu Fjellhotell offers culinary experiences based on local ingredients fresh from own mountain farm and Skåbu’s hunting and fishing grounds. Høyfjellsmat (Skåbu Fjellhotell) produces homemade elk, mutton (Villsau) and beef burgers, sausages, hams, and cured leg of mutton.

Brimi Sæter offers a culinary experience out of the ordinary. Its signature evening meal “Skråppå tå” comes highly recommended, and is a local take on raclette with own mountain-farm produce and cheese melted on home-forged table-top grills – excellent dining and a great atmosphere!

Billingen Seterpensjonat in Sjåk serves meatballs from own Charolais cattle, homemade elk fricadellen, and local cured meats – all in spectacular surroundings. There is also a great opportunity to buy locally produced food from Stensgård farm and the rest of Gudbrandsdalen.

For some delicious cuts of lamb, visit Dovrelam at Sørumgård Syse for first-class products. 




Hafjell Slakteri

Annis Pølsemakeri og Spisested

Skåbu Fjellhotell og Høyfjellsmat

Brimi Sæter

Billingen Seterpensjonat