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Fresh bakery products and beer tasting in Lillehammer

In Lillehammer, start the journey with a visit to Lillehammer Bakeri or Lillehammer Microbrewery. Lillehammer Bakeri is an artisan bakery where you can enjoy homemade treats in a welcoming setting by the Mesna river and buy local food products from Gudbrandsdalen. Lillehammer Microbrewery is the ideal spot for lunch or dinner, and offers a unique insight into Lillehammer’s brewery history. Beer tasting with storytelling can be booked in advance.

Fresh berries and vegetables, farm café, and historic hotels in Øyer 

From Lillehammer, head north along Gausdalsvegen. The first stop is Hafjell where you find Moe farm with Bringebær fra Moe, a farm shop offering raspberries and local products from Øyerfjellet. There is also a small open-air café with spectacular views of the valley. Continue to the centre of Hafjell, and you will find Hafjell Slakteri offering a wide range of local meat products. Then head north along Gudbrandsdalsvegen until you reach Jevne Gård – a beautiful farm with a friendly café and open buildings where you can explore its history. Remember to try the farm’s own redcurrant juice and homemade treats. A bit further north, up on the hillside, is the farm Gillebo Systu´n where you will find a self-service vegetable stall. For a good meal or an overnight stay, Nermo Hotell down in the valley or Pellestova Hotel up in the mountain are excellent alternatives.

Renowned sausages, berries and greens, and proud cultural traditions in central Gudbrandsdalen

The next stop in Gudbrandsdalen is the welcoming village of Ringebu, which is home to Annis Pølsemakeri og Spiseri. Anni’s sausages are widely known, and in the restaurant you can sample home-produced meats and other exciting dishes. If you feel like some mountain air, a detour from Ringebu to Venabygdsfjellet mountain is recommended. Venabu Fjellhotell has a long tradition of using local ingredients, and is the ideal spot to enjoy a meal along with spectacular mountain views.

As you continue further along Gudbrandsdalsvegen, you will reach Sygard Grytting – a farm hotel offering various types of accommodation along with culinary experiences based on own produce. A bit further north is Heggerud Gard where you can buy fresh vegetables from the farm’s own outlet. Heggerud offers basic accommodation in camping huts as well as tent pitches in the garden.

Award-winning cheese, mountain lamb, and café packed with atmosphere in Lesja

Follow Gudbrandsdalsvegen/E6 north through a lush cultural landscape. For a detour up into the mountains, we recommend Høvringen and Putten Seter  – a mountain lodge renowned for its sour-cream porridge, freshly made waffles, and other home-cooked traditional food.  As you reach Dombås, continue on route E136 towards Lesja and Åndalsnes. Make a stop at Dovrelam where you can buy quality lamb products from the farm’s own outlet. Continue through the centre of Lesja, and you will soon reach the cheesemakers Avdem Gardsysteri with Avdemsbue café & country store. Take break and enjoy a delicious stonebaked pizza topped with Avdem’s own cheese, or try other local flavours prepared in new, exciting ways. Remember to buy some of the award-winning cheese products and other local food from Gudbrandsdalen and Norway.

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