A journey from…

valley to mountain


From Vinstra

to Valdresflye

via Heidal



Along the route;

Bilde av brunost fra Heidal Ysteri

Follow E6 north, and then turn on to route 267 at Sjoa. As you drive up through the valley, you follow the Sjoa river – renowned for its white-water rafting. Why not challenge yourself and take on the rapids?

Gudbrandsdalen’s pride in Heidal

As you reach Heidal, you will find the cheesemakers Heidal Ysteri with its own café and bakery. Remember to buy some of the beautiful, tasty Heidalsost (brown cheese) or the Heidalsprim (whey cheese) made in the traditional way. In Heidal and the rest of Gudbrandsdalen, these cheeses have a history dating back to the 1600s. The Heidalsost is based on ancient traditions, and the current version originates from 1921. In the bakery/café you are treated to fresh home-baked products with cheese straight from the factory.

Mountain lodges and hotel with soul in majestic scenery

Continue on to Randsverk and take route 51 towards Beitostølen – Valdresflye. This mountain area is a peak-hiker’s dream. It is home to the historic Hindsæter hotel offering accommodation and unique culinary experiences based on flavours from Jotunheimen. A bit further along Valdresflye you will find Bessheim Fjellstue, a mountain lodge serving traditional Norwegian food based on local produce from the surrounding area. Continue towards Gjende mountain lake, and you will reach Gjendesheim Turisthytte – a mountain lodge where the aim is for the meals to be as much of an experience as the surrounding landscape is. This is achieved through excellent collaboration with local suppliers. Bessheim and Gjendesheim have a long tradition of welcoming Besseggen hikers and other mountain visitors, and the preservation of local food traditions and traditional outdoor pursuits is important to the hosts.

Northern Europe’s second highest mountain pass

The journey continues across Valdresflye (Northern Europe’s s second highest mountain pass) to the top where you will find Flye1389 – a café in a spectacular location with breathtaking views. It is one of three iconic architectural landmarks built along the Norwegian Scenic Routes network, and offers a menu based on local ingredients from Gudbrandsdalen and Valdres.

Bilde av kart over reiseruter

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