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Bygdinvegen 5795, 2953 Beitostølen

+47 416 66 301

Flye1389 is a café enjoying a spectacular location at the top of Valdresflye, Northern Europe’s second highest mountain pass. It is one of three iconic architectural landmarks built along the Norwegian Scenic Routes network, and offers a menu based on local ingredients from Gudbrandsdalen and Valdres. 

Its hosts aspire to serve local, artisan food of high quality that reflects the scenery its visitors come to experience on the roof of Norway – food that captures the flavours of the season. 

– When visiting us, we would like people to feel comfortable with what they eat. We know where the ingredients come from, and we would like to our guests to know as well, say hosts Anne Taagvoll and Marius Haugaløkken. 

Their aspiration is to develop Flye1389 to become an attractive dining venue and activity base in close interaction with their existing operation at Gjendesheim, a short trip north from Valdresflye. 

– If guests would like to spend an evening at Flye1389, we will assist with transport – either from Gjendesheim, Beitostølen, or other accommodation providers nearby. 


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