Billingen Seterpensjonat

Local food and accommodation

Billingen Seterpensjonat

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Local food and accommodation

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Restaurant and accommodation

Billingen Seterpensjonat,

Skjåkvegen 4073, 2690 Skjåk

+47 993 08 030

Billingen Seterpensjonat offers spectacular scenery and an abundance of local cultural and culinary experiences. Located on the banks of the cascading river Tora, this mountain lodge and café is like an escape into an enchanted world. Inside the log walls, you are served homemade local food, mountain-farm history, and hospitality.

Billingen is a natural stop for travellers and an excellent starting point for mountain hikes. The café offers meatballs from own Charolais cattle, homemade elk fricadellen, cured meats, large waffles, open sandwiches, and a multi-course dinner if booked in advance. 

Stensgård is an old farm comprising several protected buildings from the late 1500s. Its current operation is suckler-cow breeding and sheep framing. The cattle breed used is Charolais – one of the world’s best. Stensgård’s cattle are grazing outdoors for most of the year, and are only in the barn when it gets very cold. 

At Billingen, you can buy locally produced food from our farm, Stensgård, or from other Gudbrandsdalsmat producers. Experience the flavours of Skjåk and Gudbrandsdalen, prepared from the heart and with loving hands.

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Billingen Seterpensjonat